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About Our Puppies 

We pride ourselves on breeding healthy happy puppies. All of our corgi's are health tested with either Embark or Gensol to ensure we breed the healthiest puppies possible. All of the puppies produced at Morgan Corgis are not "at risk" for DM EIC VWD1 or PRA. Our goal is to only breed the highest quality healthy corgi's to ensure our puppies have long healthy lives with their new families.  To learn more about DM, EIC, VWD1, PRA, testing and testing results click here. 

Our corgis are AKC Registered and puppies are registered. Papers are given to the new owners once their puppy is spayed/neutered per our contract. 


Our puppies are raised in our home with us and our children. By the time they go home they are accustom to all the normal noises that occur in a home. They are well socialized and loving.  We start potty training at 3 weeks old using artificial grass mats, this helps them transition to going outside with their new families. By the time they go home they are about 90% potty trained.  All puppies are given appropriate shots and worming before going home. Our puppies go home on a contract which includes a health guarantee for any genetic/hereditary health conditions, and includes spay/neuter requirements as our puppies are sold as pets. You get copies of mom and dad's papers and health testing. I also send home with toys, treats, other goodies and food that you can use to mix with new food if you wish to switch.  

We produce both standard coat and fluffy coat puppies.  To learn more about the different coat lengths click here.


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