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Coat Length

Long coat also referred to as fluffy corgis have longer hair more like a golden retriever. The hair is softer and less coarse think Labrador (shorter coarse hair) vs a golden (long soft hair) this is essentially the difference. Both long and short haired corgis have a double coat. Typically fluffy corgis shed less which is nice and unexpected however their hair is more prone to matting. This is when the hair gets wet or dirty and clumps together getting all tangled causing a mat. These are common behind the ears, on the belly, and in the rear end. I highly suggest weekly (more often during shedding time) brushing and/or taking them to a groomers a couple times a year. This is needed for both short and long haired corgis but is even more important with the long hair. These are the main differences between a short and long hair or fluffy corgi they are not a different breed it is just a different gene mutation no different than hair color.

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