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Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a great opportunity for the perfect families. We use guardian homes to continue to better our program without having too many dogs in our home. Our dogs are part of our family and live inside with us getting spoiled like any other dog. If we have too many then they do not get as much love and attention as we want our babies to have. Guardianship's enable breeding dogs to live one on one with a family, they are loved and cared for by the same family  for the rest of their life. Guardian dogs are placed in a home at no cost to only very carefully selected families. We only do a couple guardian homes at a time and we are very picky. While it is amazing to get a wonderful quality dog for free we also expect and require the families to hold up to their side of the contract. In order for it to work both parties have to do their part.


Female guardian dogs (we only do this with females) are under contract for 4 litters of puppies though on average we only breed our girls two to three times depending on how big the litters are how the mom recovers etc. Occasionally if the female has small litters, loves being a mom AND recovers quickly we will breed four times but this is rare. We typically breed back to back as it is better for the female and vet  recommended. The more times a female goes through heat cycles without being bred or spayed the higher the risk for them getting an infection called pyometra. Our reproductive vet recommends breeding our girls back to back and then spaying them as soon as they are done having puppies. This also means the female will be done being a mom and be all yours to spoil sooner.

What is required from a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes must provide a loving safe home for the life of the contract which includes but is not limited to:

  • Must have a fenced back yard

  • Train the dog for basic commands (sit, stay, come etc)

  • Feeding the dog an appropriate diet and providing exercise to keep the dog healthy and in shape

  • Must keep the dog at an appropriate weight not allowing it to become overweight or underweight

  • Socializing the  dog with other dogs and kids to ensure it will be happy and safe when in our care for breeding

  • Vet care including but not limited to yearly checkups and vaccines

  • Must NEVER have the dog around any intact dogs male or female while out in public or in your home. Spayed and Neutered pets are welcomed

  • Must live within 2 to 3 hours of our home and willing to bring the dog to our home twice a year and come get the dog. We help with transportation when we can but sometimes we are not able to.

What is provided from the Breeder?

We will provide the guardian home with a healthy dog or puppy. We will pay for any veterinary costs related to breeding while in our care. We will provide assistance and guidance during the females time as a breeder such as detecting when she is in heat, when she needs to come to our home for delivery etc. We will provide lifetime support for the guardian home.  If the dog is deemed unfit to reproduce by the breeder the dog will be spayed at the cost of the guardian home and the dog will officially be retired and legally the guardian homes dog.

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