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Visiting Our Farm

Due to Covid we are limiting visitors to our farm at this time. We are encouraging lots of face time to see puppies. I work very hard to get pictures as often as possible, be sure to follow us on instagram for lots of current photos. 

We do open houses for our families visiting their puppies (after you pick which puppy you want) from 10am to 2pm to visit puppies. This only applies to those getting a puppy from a specific litter that is 7+ weeks old. Anyone else is allowed out by appointment only. Puppies are given Parvo shots at 5 weeks old, to ensure they are safe from visitors. This means puppies can not be met by strangers prior to 6 weeks. 

To ensure puppies stay healthy and safe we have a few requirements to visit our farm. We request everyone comes straight from their homes in fresh clean clothes. This means no stopping at pet stores or parks on your way here. If you wish to go see other puppies please do so on another day. Parvo can be spread on your shoes and clothes and is deadly to young puppies. To learn more about parvo please click this link.                                         

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